Since my childhood I have been fascinated by this mysterious sound machine called the Grand Piano.

          I observed and admired an old man who came to our house to tune our old Baby-Grand for several years, wondering what kind of gift or talent one has to have to bring this monster device to such fantastic perfection each year.

          I was about 12 when this wonderful old man passed away, and I said to my father that since I had learned so much from him, was it possible for me to try piano tuning by myself.

It took me a few months to make a primitive piano tuning hammer and a few other tools.       After that,  I was ready and I started my new adventure in life…

My first tuning took me a week of trial and error but each successive tuning was shorter and more successful. 

          At that time I was studying violin and piano, first in an Elementary and then a High School of Music in Warsaw, Poland.   After graduation from Teacher’s College, the Academy of Music opened up new perspectives to me.  One of them was a “proper” Piano Tuning Course with a history of piano making and revealing so many piano secrets I didn't know before.

          I became a Qualified Piano Tuner and Technician. Previous “amateur” experience helped me a lot, and being a violinist with perfect relative pitch made the tuning  process quite easy and fast.

          For more than 50 years I have tuned all kinds of pianos by ear with the help of modern electronic technology when necessary.

          Since I am still occupied with different music activities, my appointments for tuning have to be made 2-3 weeks in advance.

Call me (with information about Brand Name and approximate age of your piano)  at:


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                              Bohdan G. Siedlecki  -  your piano family doctor

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Now, since my “semi-retirement”

I have much more time for your

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